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Learn more about Port Surfer ‍and our little team.

Port Surfer’s mission is to organize publicly available information on ✈️ airports, ⛴ seaports, 🛳 cruise ports, 🚉 train stations, and 🚌 bus terminals.

Quickly find and use important information to get to your destination.

A small independent joint venture

We're fully bootstrapped and fund Port Surfer with the profits of our businesses.

You should know!

We’re an independent joint venture between MB LAURO MEDIJA (company code: 305196431) and MB IBS Development (company code: 304756667), both based in Lithuania, operating globally.

We’re a reader-supported business

Port Surfer is 100% free to use. All information is publicly accessible.

To keep our operations sustainable, we may earn commissions from our partners for referring you to their services at no additional cost to you.

Data sources

All the information on this website is sourced from publicly available sources and is free to access.

We can’t guarantee the factual accuracy of all the information we publish, but we try hard to ensure everything is correct and updated.

Guiding principles


Clear travel information and instructions can be the difference between having fun and missing your flight.


The world is big and colorful. We can't understand it all, but we can always learn and appreciate it.


We're curious about the world, technology, and building services to help curious people like you explore the world.


Listen more and treat everyone with kindness and respect. We all have bad days sometimes.

Meet the team

Port Surfer team in Azores, Portugal

Meet our little team of curious explorers and builders.

Tomas Laurinavicius

Co-Founder, Marketing 🇱🇹

Tomas Laurinavicius is a designer, blogger, developer, marketer, and co-founder of Best Writing, an all-in-one platform connecting the best writers with hiring companies.

Mantas Laurinavicius

Co-Founder, Engineering 🇱🇹

Mantas Laurinavicius is a developer and founder of Devsolutely, an international software development agency building amazing mobile and web applications.

Isabella Russi Gallon

Co-Founder, Design 🇨🇴

Isabella Russi Gallon is a UI/UX designer and content manager. She's alos the co-founder of Amu Jewelry, a contemporary fashion brand operating in Chile.

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