Malé International Airport

Last updated: Sunday, August 20, 2023


Malé International Airport is a large airport located in Malé, Maldives. It serves Malé and the surrounding areas.

It operates scheduled services and is identified by the IATA code MLE.

Malé International Airport is situated in the continent of Asia, specifically in the country of Maldives, with latitude 4.19183015823364 and longitude 73.5290985107422.

It has an elevation of 1.83 meters (6 ft) and is identified by the GPS code VRMM.

Phone+960 332-3506
Elevation1.83 m (6 ft)
AddressAirport Main Rd, 22000, Maldives
WebsiteMalé International Airport
WikipediaMalé International Airport

Airport address

Malé International Airport

Airport Main Rd, 22000, Maldives

Which country is Malé International Airport?

Malé International Airport is situated in Malé, which is in Maldives, a country located on the continent of Asia.

How do I get from Malé International Airport to city centre?

To get from Malé International Airport to the city center, you can follow these steps:

  1. Upon arrival at the airport, collect your luggage and proceed to the arrivals area.
  2. Look for the airport ferry terminal, which is located nearby. It is a short walk from the airport terminal.
  3. Purchase a ferry ticket at the ticket counter. The ferry operates regularly and is the most common mode of transportation to the city center.
  4. Board the ferry and enjoy the scenic ride to Malé city. The journey takes around 10-15 minutes.
  5. Once you arrive at the Malé ferry terminal, you will be in the city center. From there, you can easily explore the city on foot or take a taxi to your desired destination.

Alternatively, if you prefer a more convenient and faster option, you can also consider taking a speedboat transfer directly from the airport to your hotel or the city center. These speedboats are available for hire at the airport and offer a quicker journey, but they are usually more expensive than the ferry.

It's always a good idea to check the ferry and speedboat schedules in advance to plan your journey accordingly.

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Most common questions

Below are quick answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about Malé International Airport.

  1. How far is Malé International Airport from the city center? Malé International Airport is located on Hulhulé Island, which is just a short distance from the capital city of Malé. The airport is approximately 2 kilometers (1.2 miles) away from the city center, making it easily accessible for travelers.

  2. Are there any transportation options available from Malé International Airport to nearby resorts? Yes, there are several transportation options available from the airport to nearby resorts. Most resorts in the Maldives provide speedboat or seaplane transfers directly from the airport to their respective islands. These transfers can be arranged in advance through the resort or upon arrival at the airport.

  3. Is there a hotel or accommodation available at Malé International Airport? Yes, there is a hotel located within the airport premises called the Hulhulé Island Hotel. It offers comfortable rooms and amenities for travelers who have a layover or need to stay overnight. Additionally, there are several other hotels and guesthouses available in the nearby city of Malé for those who prefer to stay closer to the city center.