Isabella Russi Gallon

Designer & Co-Founder

A brief introduction

πŸ‘‹ Hola! I'm Isabella Russi Gallon. When I'm not traveling, I study English, business, design, and grow Amu Jewelry, a contemporary fashion brand operating in Chile (for now).

A little more detail

I'm a passionate designer, entrepreneur, and life-loving traveler from Colombia, based in Alicante, Spain. I love exploring nature and spending time outdoors hiking, camping, doing water sports, and enjoying a good BBQ.

🎾 Fresh padel player.

🌍 Traveled to 20+ countries. My favorites are Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore, Italy, and Mexico.

πŸ‘— I love fashion and buy way too many clothes.

πŸ’ Recently co-founded Amu Jewelry, a contemporary fashion brand selling accessories.

Isabella Russi Gallon

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